Cable and contact wire mechanical tension control from the ground
SNCF approval N°: DEO 19370

Description of use

Measuring cable and contact wire mechanical tension from the ground. The operator screws the CTS measurement device on top of an insulating pole and places it on the cable of contact wire.
The user launches the measurement process via his 4NRJ application on his Smartphone and has a direct access to all the measurements instantaneously.
Then, these measurements can be sent to a server for exploitation.
4NRJ patent.

Added value

  • CTS solution allowing measurement from the ground without using Lorry ladder or other cumbersome engines.
  • Self-control thanks to the control gauge supplied.
  • Measurements and data recording done via a free 4NRJ application directly on your Smartphone or tablet computer. 
  • Automatic updates of the different catenary cable and contact wire models. 
  • Agile solution allowing easy and quick transportation in case of intervention. 
  • Connection Bluetooth. 
  • QR code for a better apparel follow-up, user guide, certificate of compliance, forthcoming control date, etc.


  • Solution which can be used for all voltage powerlines.
  • Measurement range: 100 daN to 2500 daN.
  • Maximum cable diameter: Ø 21mm.
  • Temperature range: -15° to 50°
  • Measurement cycle time: around 40 seconds.
  • Autonomy: 250 measures.
  • Power supply: rechargeable battery.
  • Battery recharge time: 2 h 30 minutes.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 compatible with Smartphone and tablet.
  • Dimensions: (H x L x P) 320 x 350 x 150mm.
  • Mass weight: 4.5 Kg

CTS kit including

  • CTS measurement device
  • Control gauge
  • Battery charger
  • Emergency extraction tool
  • Hardcase
  • Dedicated insulating pole including Safety ring.