Detector Kit 25KV AC
SNCF approval N°: MTP EO 14070

Description of use

Checking the absence of voltage on 25KV powerlines (alternating power) before Maintenance activities. 

Added value

  • Instantaneous result shown by LED lights and powerful sound. 
  • Kit including detector, pole, protective bag, siliconized wipe and battery 9V.
  • P-FIX connection (4NRJ patent) for a quick and simple setting with PIVAT pole.
  • QR Code for a better tool follow-up (validity, certification, user manual).
  • Bag with inside foam to protect tool and dedicated pole (réf : PIVAT).
  • Antenna with fibre wear indicator.
  • Easy and simple setting of the PIVAT pole.
  • Insulating Pole with foam allowing work under voltage requirement CE 60855-1. 

Technical features

  • Mass weight: 1.2kg
  • Equipped with auto-test
  • Voltage maximum use: 60KV AC 50Hz
  • Unipolar voltage measurement (electrical field measure)
  • Battery:  9V

Description kit

  • VAT 25KV AC all equipped
  • Storage and transportation bag
  • Siliconized wipe for frost and condensing
  • Including an extra battery 9V 
Product sheet
Instructions for use