Orange light for obstacle markup
SNCF approval N°: DEO 20059
ref: LBOOV2

Description of use

Markup your tools on rail tracks at night (Truck ladder, Truck board, forklift truck, etc.)

Added value

  • Signalling view up to 360° with orange LED lights visible at long distance. 
  • Magnetization system for installation on a metal support
  • Used mode in accordance with SNCF requirements.
  • Compact & light hard case for easy transport.
  • Power supply done by connection with transportation hard case.
  • Retractable and adjustable support for maintaining and orienting the lamp on non-metallic frames. 
  • QR Code to access directly to some information as end user guide, forthcoming control dates, certificate of conformity.

  Protective bag including:

  • 6 Dedicated adjustable support.
  • Power charger: 220 V
  • USB-C charger:  12 V / 24 V
  • 6 orange LED lights
  • Charging time : 9 h
  • Fully equipped bag mass weight  : 1.80 kg


  • Solid and waterproof box for an intensive use.
  • Autonomy: 40 h
  • All weather conditions use.
  • Recharging indicator.
  • Mass weight: 200 g