Palans à chaînes YALE LIFT 360
N° d'homologation SNCF : MTP EO 18129
ref: LIFT360

Description of use

Operate your lever hoist in multiple directions.  

Added value 

  • The Yalelift 360 can be operated away from the load allowing it to be used horizontally for pulling or powering up.
  • The operator is not obliged to work close to the charging station.
  • New chain guide process allowing the operator to work in many different positions but always above the charging station even in confined areas.
  • Automatic brake system.
  • RFID technology : direct access to related website for downloading requested information. 

Technical features

Maximum load use
Unit Masse weight (kg)
Number of strands
LIFT360500 KG
500 kg91
1 t131
2 t201
3 t291